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A clean and simple yet considerably robust and good-looking component letting you display interactive (visually editable) or non-interactive (if you seek just to visualize) flow charts of blocks linked in any order through any reasonable number of input and output connections.

The project is actually a heavily reworked fork of Thomas Iche's NodeGraph redesigned, cleaned and enhanced with presentation-logic separation in mind. Although FlowGraph and NodeGraph look almost identical at the first sight, they are very different. The following changes were made to the original (Feb. 13 - 2013) NodeGraph code:
  • Almost everything (in the source code) was renamed to follow common naming conventions (which I find easier to read) and, in some places, make more sense
  • The code was split into more code files to increase maintainability by separating different logical parts
  • Lots of presentation-irrelevant features were removed to unclutter the code and delegate the business logic part to the control consumer (an application developer)
  • New events were added, old events were changed and unimplemented events were implemented to deliver full track and control over what happens to the flow chart
  • Nodes are now added in an easy dynamic way (given just metadata), no need to code a dedicated class for every node type
  • Optional non-interactive mode added for view-only graphs visualization (useful for cases when you want the user to read a graph but not to change it)

Questions, bug reports and feature suggestions are highly welcome! I am actually offering free support to everybody! (under the condition that you grant me full copy and disclosure rights on your questions texts letting me to put them into a "FAQ" style documentation this way)

Feel free to contact me through my profile here at CodePlex or at Google+.


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